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To apply for services, the following items are required to be e-mailed to customerservice@brownsville-pub.com: 1. Property address where service is required, 2. One of the following forms of identification: a) Driver's License b) Other valid State/Government issued identification, 3. If renting, copy of Lease Agreement, or letter from landlord giving authorization to open services at location, or 4. If property owner, Deed of Trust.
Service Charges: $25.00 for each service (Non-Refundable) / Deposit: $50.00 (Refundable, Conditions Apply)
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Is there meter access? If dogs, locked gate, or security alarm restrict access to meters, please provide instructions to gain access.
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Home / Cell phone number: By providing a cellular phone number, you are authorizing BPUB to use that number for any purpose related to your account with BPUB, including pre-recorded voice or text messages related to service. You are solely responsible for cellular charges related to this issue.
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By telling us your Tax ID, Social Security Number or Drivers License Number and your first and last name in this application for utility service, you are also certifying that you are the person Identified by those items. If you purposely certify to false or misleading information, you may be prosecuted for a third-degree felony for falsifying a government record under the Texas Penal Code.